Surangi & Jeremy / / Maternity

Surangi & Jeremy are having their first baby! We met up with the delightful couple on a lovely spring day last week in Land Park. They have decided to be surprised by the gender of the baby and this gave us an excellent opportunity to focus on the expectant parents to be during this exciting time in their lives. They are very relaxed, easy-going, clearly enjoy being with each other and we especially wanted to capture the tender moments shared between them. The glowing mom to be chose to wear a gorgeous shade of purple and she stood out beautifully against the soft green shades of the park. We even had a curious gaggle of geese wander in to our final shots giving us some awesomely romantic images and we hope the parents-to-be enjoy them as much as we do.

Ben & Daphne / / Maternity

Ben and Daphne are excited for their first child and asked us to take some maternity portraits. The only catch was they weren’t really interested in some of the standard shots they had seen in their research. So we all had some fun getting creative with different shots around their home.

I had this idea for a photo for a while now and Ben and Daphne were game to give it a try. The rush to the hospital never leaves any time for a photo op so we staged the dash out the door. They already had their bags packed so they’ll certainly be ready when the time comes.

Kristy & Evert / / Maternity

Kristy and Evert recently joined us at our home studio for a maternity photo shoot. They were a very fun couple and we had a great time at the session. Kristy brought little ballerina shoes we incorporated into some of the shots and Pearl made a “It’s A Girl” sign that turned out great.  We had hoped to get some pictures at a park nearby as well but the rain moved in so we had to push back the outdoor shoot. Here are some of the great pictures from the studio photo shoot, the outdoor session is coming soon.