Mike & Jen / / Engagement

We may not have gotten all of the shots we had planned for but we still had a fantastic time shooting Jen & Mike’s engagement photos. The theme for their wedding is “Over the Moon” so we had planned to incorporate the super moon over the cliffs of Santa Cruz into their shoot. However, the weather did not want to cooperate as the coast was foggy and rainy the entire day and we didn’t even get a glimpse of the moon throughout the evening. Jen and Mike were real troopers while we went ahead and got some fun photos and the beach – that is, until it started to rain! We packed up and decided to head over to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to take advantage of some shelter and finish up the pictures. Despite being unplanned the Boardwalk photos turned out great! We got to capture Jen and Mike having fun playing some games and set against the very cool lights of the rides. We all even shared some deep fried Oreos. All together it was a really fun photo shoot and we are looking forward to photographing their wedding at the end of September.












Audrey & Leszek // Couple

We took advantage of our awesome fall weather the other day and got some fun shots with our friends Audrey & Leszek. The West Sacramento River Walk is very versatile in the number of locations and we’re always happy with the variety of shots we can achieve. Shooting by the river and the Tower Bridge is especially beautiful during the golden hour and Audrey & Leszek looked striking against the great backdrop. Thank you guys for a delightful time and a fantastic shoot!