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We had the wonderful opportunity to shoot some promotional pictures for a band over the past few weeks. The Memoirs are an awesome local band that specializes in weddings and events with a fantastic repertoire of songs from R&B to Soul and Lounge. They are available as either a duo or quartet so we were sure to get a wide variety of images from each individual to the full band. The Memoirs The first portion of the photo shoot took place at an amazing location in the Foothills around Folsom. We had an excellent backdrop of rolling hills, gnarled trees and tall golden grass and got some great shots. As the sun went down we were able utilize the long shadows to get some pretty dramatic images. The band was a ton of fun to work with and their great personalities came through despite our directions to keep giving us serious faces. The Memoirs The Memoirs The Memoirs The Memoirs The Memoirs The Memoirs We then brought the duo portion of the band to our studio for some additional pictures. Katrina and Frank did a great job posing for us and we were able to get some really solid images. The Memoirs The Memoirs The Memoirs