Portrait Photography FAQ


How do I book a photo shoot?

Contact us with an email describing the type of shoot you want and a general timeframe. We will reply within 24 hours to schedule a free, no onligation, consultation and discuss further details. If you have questions and wish to call us feel free to do so. However, we never answer our phones during consultations or photo shoots so you may need to leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Why do you offer a free consultation?

The consultation is a perfect time to get to know one another and discuss ideas. It provides both you and us with important information that will help prepare us for a successful photo shoot. This is also the best opportunity to take care of important paperwork including our photography contract in the event you decide to book a photo shoot. At the end of the consultation you can choose to book your session (a nonrefundable deposit of 50% of the package price is required to hold your appointment). If you are unable to meet in person for the consultation a phone conversation is usually sufficient and we will mail you a packet of information.

Where do photo shoots take place?

We are completely mobile which means that we come to you! We are able to photograph in private residences as well as parks or public spaces. Our best advice is to choose a location significant to you in order to create special images that will have lasting meaning. If the photo shoot is a family portrait and includes children it is important to choose a location where everyone will be comfortable. We strive to capture a mix of formal portraits and candid moments so the location of the shoot is very important. Please keep in mind that the lighting for outdoor shots can be very specific so we may recommend times that work with your schedule that will provide optimal results. If you don’t have a location in mind we can discuss options during your free consultation.

What if it rains?

In the event of foul weather we will reschedule your session or offer a suitable alternative such as our private studio.

Can I book your studio for a photo shoot?

If you are looking for an alternative to outdoor sessions we will gladly make our home studio available. The studio is a perfect location for portraits because we have complete control of the environment and lighting, which allows us to create dynamic, polished, beautiful imagery. The studio offers quite a bit of variety in terms of color and background so your photos will be unique.

How long does a photo shoot last?

A general session will last approximately two hours depending on the location and the type of shoot. However, we are dedicated to getting a variety of quality images so we don’t keep a strict time frame.

How and when can I schedule a photo shoot?

Contact us by phone or email to book an appointment for a free consultation. The photo shoot will generally take place two weeks to a month after that, depending on your schedule, our availability and how much planning is involved. We may consider a last minute booking on a case-by-case basis but do not guarantee our availability. We are generally available in the afternoons and evenings during the week and on weekends but with enough notice we can work with your schedule.

What are your payment options?

We accept cash, personal checks and all major credit cards. 50% of the package price is due at the time of booking and is non-refundable. The remaining balance is due at the time of the photo shoot. For more information please check out our rates page.

Can I reschedule a photo shoot?

We require 24 hours notice to reschedule a session.

What happens after the photo shoot?

No gimmicks. No games. No high-pressure sales sessions. Within one to two weeks after your photo shoot we will email you a link to a gallery of hand picked, high resolution, watermark free images for you to download for personal use. You don’t have to pick and choose prints from a package, your gallery is never taken down, and we maintain all of your images in an archive. If you do wish to purchase prints and products through us there is online store conveniently linked to your gallery.

Do you have a price list for prints and products?

Yes. You can view the price list here.

I remember a specific photo being taken during the shoot, why don’t I see it in the gallery?

You will see a selection of the best images in your gallery. If an image is blurry from movement or caught someone blinking, etc. we will not select it for you to view. You can trust our experience and knowledge to pick the strongest images from your session.


Do you have any tips for looking our best?

If you are going to get a haircut or do a skin treatment do so at least three days prior to your photo shoot so you will be as natural looking as possible. The day before your session is not the time to experiment with your look and men especially can look awkward with a fresh haircut. It is also very important that men who want to appear clean-shaven arrive that way (stubble cannot be removed digitally). Get a good night’s sleep and eat well before the shoot in order to keep up your energy. Your enthusiasm (or lack thereof) will show through in the final images.

What do I wear?

The purpose of our work is to create lasting memories and we recommend that you dress your best. This doesn’t mean formal wear but business casual is recommended. It is most important to wear clothing that fits properly and you feel good in. This will bolster your confidence and make your session more enjoyable. It is an excellent idea to use a camera phone to see how you look in various poses (especially sitting down) before your photo shoot so you are not surprised by how you look in the final images. Busy prints and patterns will generally distract from your face so bold colors are best and when in doubt wear black—it is universally flattering! In some situations (especially maternity and engagement sessions where the woman is wearing a dress) prints may make the image unique so we can discuss wardrobe choices during the free consultation. The intent is to tell a story with your images and every detail, most importantly clothing, either helps or detracts from that goal. With couple or group photos it is best to coordinate your clothing. This doesn’t necessarily mean matching outfits! We recommend that you wear the same color but different shades. Jewelry, hats scarves and belts can all help to add a pop of color and visual interest so we encourage them. We do not recommend necklines that are very high or very low, clothing that exposes tan lines and inappropriate shoes for walking. Please avoid clothing with words or large logos.

Can I change my outfit?

In a two-hour photo shoot it is easy to accommodate outfit changes and this helps give your final images variety so please feel free to bring multiple clothing options. It is best to bring your clothing in garment bags to avoid wrinkling. Please leave bags and purses in your car so you are not bogged down with carrying these items and constantly finding places to set them down. We will take a break to allow for a change of clothing.

What about makeup?

When applying your makeup please avoid shimmering eye shadows and shiny foundations—it is best to keep your makeup matte. It is also best to avoid makeup with sunscreen in it as it can cause shiny patches on your face. We do not provide makeup services so it is up to you whether or not you want to hire a makeup professional or do your own makeup for the photo shoot.

What about props?

Props such as picnic baskets and baseball bats can be extremely helpful in telling your specific story. We have a wide selection of props that can be used during your photo session or you can bring your own. We highly recommend that you schedule your free consultation in order to discuss your ideas and work out the details.

Do you touch up photos?

In addition to color, saturation and contrast enhancements we do remove skin blemishes and things within the image that can be distracting. We do not, however, over manipulate images and we work hard to keep them true to life. That is, unless we are intentionally aiming for a processed look because you have requested that during the consultation.


What’s the best time to book a maternity session?

It is generally suggested that between 27 and 35 weeks is the best time to showcase your belly. Maternity shoots can be done at any location but we prefer an indoor setting (such as your home or our studio) that provides comfort and privacy. Please plan ahead and book your shoot to fall within in this timeframe.

Can I book multiple photo shoots throughout my pregnancy?

Yes. We offer a Full Term package that is designed to capture the different stages of your pregnancy. It includes four different sessions: one during each trimester and one after the baby is born. Included will be at least one pose, background and lighting setup that will be repeated each session to create a series of seamless images that will be combined to tell the entire story of your pregnancy. Each session will result in 20-30 additional images that chronicle your pregnancy. The Full Term package costs $750 which is equivalent to 4 photo shoots for the price of 3.

Can I bring my significant other to the shoot and can they be in some of the pictures?

Absolutely! Our maternity portrait sessions are designed to highlight mom but we love it when dad gets involved too!

I’m not comfortable showing a lot of skin, is that a problem?

Definitely not! We will customize your photo shoot in any way you want and if this doesn’t include showing your belly that is totally fine. As a co-ed photography duo we will always act in a professional and respectful manner and we will never ask you to do anything you are not comfortable doing. For some inspiration on what to wear feel free to check out our Maternity Fashion Ideas board on Pinterest.


What’s the best time to book a newborn session?

The most ideal time to take newborn photos is during the first two weeks after birth.

Clearly, this date cannot be predetermined which can make timing a newborn photo shoot tricky. It is best to schedule your free consultation a month or so before your due date so we can be well prepared and be sure to keep our availability open for when your baby is born. Call us to schedule your session as soon as possible after you have brought your newborn home.

Are there certain times that are best for taking baby photos?

Every child is different and you will be the best judge of when a good time for photos would be but there are a few general suggestions. We will normally get the best results if you schedule the photo shoot close to your child’s naptime. If they are already tired or sleeping when it’s time to take photos they will be more agreeable. It is also helpful if they have been fed just prior to the session. If you want images in which your baby is more active it is a good idea to observe them throughout the routine of their day and note times when they are happiest or most content. This could be at bath time or after eating or while playing with certain toys. We can incorporate this routine into the photo session to capture their excitement and biggest smiles.

Where do infant and baby photo shoots take place?

Our studio is completely mobile so we will come to you! Your baby is most comfortable at home and it’s not necessary for you to run around town for a photo shoot. During your free consultation we will decide what type of imagery you want for the session and we will bring all of the necessary equipment to achieve great shots. This may include a six foot roll of paper for the background, reflectors and any props we have available to use. It may be necessary to clear some space but we can determine the best spot with you when we arrive. A good place is near a window or other source of natural light.

Can we use your studio for a newborn photo shoot?

Our home studio is absolutely available to use for newborn photo shoots! The studio allows for a much greater range of imagery and many dramatic shots that are not possible with an at-home set up. Our goal is to make your photo shoot as easy as possible for you while delivering the images you want. If it’s easier for you to come to our studio or you want highly unique images we will gladly make the necessary arrangements.


How do you pose children during a photo shoot?

We usually don’t do too much posing when it comes to children. We find it best to tell them where or how to sit or stand for a photo and then we just let them do their own thing and capture the candid moments. We find that telling children exactly what to do will result in more forced images than allowing them to get comfortable in front of the camera. We also have a lot of success when we can incorporate an activity or game in to the photo shoot to keep kids engaged.

What if my child doesn’t behave?

If your child is acting in a way that we can’t handle we will ask you to step in. Otherwise it can be confusing for a kid to take direction from too many people so it is best if parents take a step back and allow us to guide the photo shoot. Oftentimes children are uncomfortable with having a stranger take their photo but we always do our best to make shoots fun for kids and we usually win them over by the end. When the parents are stressed out and overly critical it can have a negative effect on the images. It is important to let kids be kids.


Do you shoot traditionally posed family portraits?

In a typical photo shoot we generally capture a wide range of images from genuinely candid to formally posed. You will always have a large variety of images to choose from. We will capture both the informal, intimate moments and well-composed arrangements of your family. Typically though, we try to avoid the forced, “sit still” images and prefer to allow people (mostly children) to be comfortable during the shoot, this may mean running, jumping and playing. We can best discuss the needs of your family during the free consultation and plan accordingly.

Do we have to dress in matching outfits for family portraits?

If that is what you want you certainly can. However, your images will be more visually interesting if you choose clothing from a limited color palette. For inspiration you can check out our Family Portrait Fashion Ideas board on Pinterest.


Do you photograph yearbook headshots?

Check your school’s guidelines for yearbook headshots. If you are allowed to submit your own image from a personal photo session we would be thrilled to incorporate a formal portrait into your shoot.

Can I change my outfit and hair during the photo shoot?

Small clothing and hair changes can easily be incorporated in to a session. If you want two dramatically different looks we can schedule two shorter photo shoots on different days. This may increase the overall cost of the shoot. For inspiration on different looks visit out Senior Portrait Fashion Ideas board on Pinterest.

What if I wear glasses, have braces or acne?

If your lenses have a glare reducing coating there is no problem with wearing glasses. Otherwise we may ask that you remove the lenses from the frames or don’t wear glasses, if possible. It is not feasible to remove reflections from your glasses in multiple photos during editing. Therefore, we will be limited in the variety of shots we can get during your photo shoot if we are trying to avoid glare the entire time.

If you wear braces we will be sure to get a variety of smiles (some with open lips, some without) so you will have a wide selection of images to choose from. We may be able to digitally remove braces for an extra fee.

We always retouch skin blemishes (to a certain extent) during editing. If there is a need to use airbrushing techniques we can do so for an extra fee.