Audrey & Leszek // Couple

We took advantage of our awesome fall weather the other day and got some fun shots with our friends Audrey & Leszek. The West Sacramento River Walk is very versatile in the number of locations and we’re always happy with the variety of shots we can achieve. Shooting by the river and the Tower Bridge is especially beautiful during the golden hour and Audrey & Leszek looked striking against the great backdrop. Thank you guys for a delightful time and a fantastic shoot!

Ed & Manami // Wedding

Ed moved to Japan to work in IT and found so much more than a job. When he met Manami he knew she was his future and simply had to convince her to go on a date. Luckily for Ed, Manami’s English is better than his Japanese and they are perfectly suited for each other. Before their larger Japanese wedding Ed brought Manami home for a small ceremony with his family and her parents in Sonoma wine country.

Cupc4ke Hats // Product

Last week we teamed up with our friend Cupc4ke to create some new product pictures for her Etsy store. Some local kids joined us to model these awesome handmade hats. Here’s some of our favorite shots from the first day featuring Cupc4ke’s signature Monkey Hat as well as her new line of Headphone and Dinosaur hats.   A big thanks to the families for coming out in the hot Sacramento weather. After this fun first day we were ready to shoot six more kids the following day. We’ll be working on the 2nd day’s pictures and bring you a preview later this week.

Day two of our photo shoot brought us six kids and a lot more hats. We moved to a different area of Land Park that had some good tree cover and got down to business. The kids all seemed to have a fun time, even if they took a little time to warm up. We also took some shots for Cupc4ke collaboration with Ana Apple Designs for some fun headphone hats with a turntable tee shirt. All in all it was a huge success and you can find our pictures on Cupc4ke’s Etsy store right now! Here are some of our favorites from day two.

We brought our boombox prop for the headphone hats, little did we know the kids would flip it over and use it as a turntable!

Ben & Daphne / / Maternity

Ben and Daphne are excited for their first child and asked us to take some maternity portraits. The only catch was they weren’t really interested in some of the standard shots they had seen in their research. So we all had some fun getting creative with different shots around their home.

I had this idea for a photo for a while now and Ben and Daphne were game to give it a try. The rush to the hospital never leaves any time for a photo op so we staged the dash out the door. They already had their bags packed so they’ll certainly be ready when the time comes.

Kristy & Evert / / Maternity

Kristy and Evert recently joined us at our home studio for a maternity photo shoot. They were a very fun couple and we had a great time at the session. Kristy brought little ballerina shoes we incorporated into some of the shots and Pearl made a “It’s A Girl” sign that turned out great.  We had hoped to get some pictures at a park nearby as well but the rain moved in so we had to push back the outdoor shoot. Here are some of the great pictures from the studio photo shoot, the outdoor session is coming soon.

Palo Alto Networks THE After Party // Event

Last Week we were hired to shoot the THE After Party event for Palo Alto Networks following a day of the 2012 RSA Conference in San Francisco. Palo Alto Networks is a firewall tech company based out of Santa Clara. The event took over all three rooms of the Temple SF nightclub in downtown San Francisco. We really liked the styles of the different rooms though most of the crowd stayed upstairs so that’s were we got the majority of our crowd shots. Check out a 360 view of Temple on their web site.They had a step and repeat wall set up for attendees to pose with models and get their picture taken. We also roamed the party and took shots of the rest of the crowds and entertainment. It was a really fun time and we look forward to shooting more events like this in the future.

Painting for Miracles // Event

“Painting for Miracles” is an annual fall fundraiser combining local artists and art lovers to raise money for the Children’s Miracles Network at UC Davis Children’s Hospital. The stories of the children are given to local artists who bring their story to life in a painting. While the artist may plan ahead, all of the painting is done during the second weekend of September. The last Saturday in September is the day of the silent auction and the Art Show Season Finale.