Promotional Photography FAQ

What is Promotional Photography?

It is creating and using high quality images to advertise or sell a product or service.

What can you photograph for promotional purposes?

We can photograph a wide range of things from food to consumer products. We also photograph interior and exterior locations as well people in their professional settings.

What can you do that I can’t do myself?

Promotional photography is an investment in images that make you or your product look great and garners the attention of potential patrons or clients. We posses the proficiency and knowledge to produce excellent images that clearly convey the desirable qualities of your product or service. We understand different requirements for using photos from print publications to web campaigns and we deliver highly polished images in the file format(s) appropriate for their use.

Where do promotional photoshoots take place?

We can photograph on location or in our studio.

What about licensing?

The images we deliver to you come with a commercial license. Due to the wide range of uses for photos the cost of licensing them for commercial uses varies greatly, starting at $100 for one-time use of a single image for a year. For a custom quote of licensing fees please contact us with the details of your project.

Do you give a discount if I need multiple images for several purposes?

We offer an unlimited license for this reason and we can also bundle licenses for multiple images. The cost of licensing images depends on many variables and is determined by the needs of your project